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You don’t follow fashion trends,  your hair style is unique and you move in your own way, then why do you have the same board on your electrical scooter as everyone else? Customize your scooter with SHIOCHIC!


SHIOCHIC boards are designed and made in a similar way to snow and skate boards that give your scooter that free style that fits with your personality and way of being.

Giving it a fun, different and colorful touch.The combination of safety, comfort and design make SHIOCHIC the result of a perfect combination.

SHIOCHIC takes your scooter to another level. SHIOCHIC lets you be yourself


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Our commitment as a manufacturer of accessories for  Xiaomi scooters is very simple: help you to transform your scooter in a way that will fully represent you and the way you live your life. But that's not take away from the engineering quality. All the products that you will find in our online catalog are designed  with the best materials on the market and the most advanced techniques. Appearance matters and so does superior quality

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Xiaomi electric scooter has been one of the greatest revolutions in mobility in recent years. There are more and more of us that have decided to use this comfortable and versatile mode of transport around cities. Without a doubt, the Xiaomi electric scooter is a benchmark in the market that is also breaking all records for good reasons.

The only disadvantage is that it leaves the factory with a standardized design that says very little about the individual user. Our accessories compatible with Xiaomi ends that.

After all, customizing your scooter is a great way to reinforce your style and make yourself known to others. This directly corresponds with our vision of the world and with our style criteria. If we customize our skateboards and snowboards, why not the base of our scooter that we use daily? Think about it! Customizing your scooter with these compatible Xiaomi scooter accessories is a fantastic opportunity to express yourself to the world.Why don't you take advantage of it?

SHIOCHIC makes it easy for you. In our accessories store we have the most spectacular, compatible and original boards for your Xiaomi scooter. A wide offer where you will find the perfect one for you. Don't you believe us? Visit our online store right now and take a look at all our boards. You will fall in love with them! Move around the city with a personalized scooter that expresses who you are.

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At Shiochic we give a lot of value to appearance. And it is not frivolous. It is true that there is nothing in a scooter that is more valuable than its functionality. That it has a good battery, that it does not breakdown easily and all those issues that we value so much in these products. But with those factors in place, it's clear that appearance makes a difference. For the same reason that we carefully choose our clothes. Because the customized Xiaomi electric scooter compatible accessories define you.

Are you a free-spirited person? A free soul that moves through the city easily? If so, you will love these personalized boards that we have created for you. We are convinced. Boards that fit a hundred percent with your personality and with the way you face things. After all that is your style: it is not a superficial matter but the visual expression of our way of being in the world. And our Xiaomi scooter compatible accessories express that you are in the world to enjoy.

However, what do the original scooter boards say? Nothing! They are standardized boards designed for the general public. Boards that try not to disturb anyone or draw attention  anywhere. They are fine, of course, but you want more than that: you do not want to fit into all spaces and places at all costs, but to reach spaces and places where you can express your personality. Make them a little bit more yours. Our proposals for accessories for electric scooters will help you achieve this fantastic goal.

Our Xiaomi electric scooter compatible accessories are more than just the cool accessories. There is no debate. You just have to take a look at our catalog to see it. Words are not enough. We offer scooter accessories of the highest quality. After all, we are talking about products that are part of a mode of transport. We know how important they are.

In that sense, with Shiochic, you have absolutely nothing to fear. We are a leading company in the sector thanks to our visual innovation, plus, our professionalism inspires in all of our clients. We manufacture the best accessories for electric scooters on the market using first class materials. 100% guaranteed.

These materials and the strategic designs that we have created give our Xiaomi scooter compatible accessories unique features. Resistance is one of the most important features of the board. The board is resistant against use, the environmental conditions and the passage of time itself. You will not find scooter accessories with such an extraordinary durability at any other stores. Join us

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Join the Shiochic trend. End with the boring monotony of standardized factory  design scooter base and get yourself a board that says things about who you are. Are you interested? Have you been thinking about getting fun, quality and compatible  Xiaomi scooter accessories for a long time? Then do not hesitate anymore. You are so close that nothing should stop you from finally getting it. With us it is extremely simple!

And it is for two reasons. The first one is that you don't necessarily have to go anywhere. You can access our online store  and have a look, select and buy the Xiaomi scooter compatible accessories that you want. As soon as we receive your order, we will get to work to send you your board at the speed of light. We want you to enjoy it as soon as possible. You deserve it!

The second is our prices. At Shiochic we have always thought that quality and beautiful electric scooter accessories don't have to be expensive. Actually, we want that everyone who would like to customize their scooters should be able to do so at an affordable cost. And that's why here you will find everything you are looking for at an unbeatable market price.

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So you don’t trust what we are saying? In a way we understand it. After all, even if we possess the coolest scooter boards on the market, we are still not a well-known company. And words are still just words. This is why we are proposing two things. First, you may compare the prices of our accessories for electric scooters to those of our competitors.

These are not just words, these are actual data. Plus, this is a bet we are sure we will win. At the end of the day, we are aware of what the other Xiaomi electric scooter compatible accessories stores do. We would not tell our clients to compare our prices if we did not know the result. So go out there with the aim of corroborating it and come back when you are 100% sure of it.

We will happily wait for you. Always at your disposition. Always on the other end of the phone. And that is the other of the two things that you can do to clear up your doubts: contact us. You can give us a call or use our contact web form. You may ask us all your questions about these scooter accessories that we have designed and manufactured expressly for you

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Don't limit yourself anymore! Enjoy the best, the most colorful, the most surprising and the most unique boards. Take your scooter to the next level with a different touch that truly represents you. Do it together with a team of creative professionals who never stop innovating such amazing new designs. Shiochic, the best accessories for electric scooters.

Doesn’t any of our proposals fit your personality? Well maybe we have a solution for you. What if you tell us what exactly you want? Maybe we can get it. After all, at Shiochic we are open to anything and are always ready to consider the new possibilities. This is what allows our Xiaomi electric scooter compatible accessories to grow each year.

What are you waiting for? You have what you've always wanted just a few clicks away. Place your order now in our online electric scooter accessories store. If you spend time on your clothes, if you spend time on your body and if you spend time on your hairstyle, why not pay attention to other parts of your look that  you show to the world? Give personality to your scooter with Shiochic. We are waiting

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