Like many other great ideas, SHIOCHIC is the outcome of a Xiaomi scooter user ́s personal experience and his creativity to customize a product that has become a best seller in the world.

After an intense work of investigation and with the help of the best supplies, we have created an aerodynamic, elegant and unique product that has also improved certain basic elements whenriding your electrical scooter.

SHIOCHIC wants to end the standardized factory color options and provide a touch of design and personalityso you can express your unique personality.

SHIOCHIC have prioritized the quality and safety of the product. This is why we ran several tests until we foundthe best supplies available in the market. SHIOCHI is a compatible board that adapts to the base of your original scooter without damaging it. This requires two resistant and light aluminum profiles, attached together with easy-to-fit nuts. In addition, it not only expands the scooter base so that you have greater comfort and mobility, but it also incorporates non-slip and ecological stickers that increase your safety on the scooter.

SHIOCHIC was born to improve your personal experience with your electrical scooter in a safe and fun way. Remember...CREATE YOURSELF!!

SHIOCHICis a registered and patented trademark.


At SHIOCHIC, the quality and safety of the product is paramount, so for its manufacture, multiple tests have been carried out to find the best materials and develop the most appropriate model. SHIOCHIC is a board that adapts to the base of your original scooter without damaging it. For this purpose, two resistant and lightweight aluminium profiles are used, joined together with easy-to-fit nuts.

SHIOCHIC not only differentiates you from other users, but also gives you more space for the position of your feet and incorporates anti-slip and ecological stickers that increase your safety, control and stability when you use the scooter. In addition, thanks to its colors and original designs, it improves your visibility towards other road users.

SHIOCHIC is manufactured in two different sizes that fit the Pro and Pro II models and the 365 and 1S models respectively. In the customization kit you will find everything you need so you can carry out the customization of your scooter quickly and easily.

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