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Can it be used for any Xiaomi scooter?
Yes, there are two SHIOCHIC models available depending on your Xiaomi scooter version.
Is it compatible with other scooter brands or only for Xioami?
At this moment, SHIOCHIC has only been designed for Xioami scooters.
Do I have to make holes in the original base?
No. Instead, SHIOCHIC is attached by four screws and nutsto aluminum profiles that are placed over the original base.
How is the SHIOCHIC board attached?
It is very easy. Place the board on the base of the scooter, with the keys provided in the kit, join the aluminum profiles with the screws and adjust the nuts alternately in an X shape for their perfect fixation. Link video here.
What are SHIOCHIC boards’measures?
For the Pro and Pro II model, the SHIOCHIC measurements are 67.8 cm in length by 23.8 cm in width. For the 365 and 1S model, the SHIOCHIC measurements are 63 cm long by 23.8 cm wide. In both models, the thickness of the board is 9 mm.
Do surface irregularities affect the movement of SHIOCHIC on the original base?
No. The aluminum profiles and the special rubbers incorporated in the nuts attachSHIOCHIC to the base and prevent any type of movement.
Is SHIOCHIC weather resistant?
Yes, the SHIOCHIC board is weather resistant thanks to the type of stickers it has, making it totally waterproof.
What does the customization kit contain?
It contains anon-slip SHIOCHIC board made of Birch wood, two 33cm long aluminum profiles, four screws with four special lock nuts, an Allen key, a spanner and seven decorative stickers.
Do I have to purchase the customized kit or can I mix stickers and boards from different kits?
Yes, youcan mix stickers and boards with different designs for an additional cost.
Where is it made?
SHIOCHIC has been thought of, created and developed entirely in Spain.
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